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Family law in North America covers a vast area and includes marriage, the termination of legally recognized family relationships and ancillary matters, including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards, adoption, surrogacy, child protective proceedings, juvenile law and many other areas.

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6 Factors To Consider When Deciding Relocation In Child Custody Cases

While having two parents who live not only in the same state, but within a reasonable driving distance from each other is ideal, this may not always be possible. Sometimes a move out of state is necessary due to employment, family, health, or remarriage. Other times, the ability to provide for a better standard of living may be available out [...]

Elder Abuse And Red Flags

With the aging population and signs that elder abuse is on the rise, it seems that now is a time to provide a reminder of some red flags that could alert you to the suffering of your client. Elder abuse comes in many forms – physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, isolation, abduction, emotional abuse and financial abuse. While it seems that [...]

It has been widely publicized that for divorces finalized after Dec. 31, 2018, the revised code makes alimony not deductible by the payer and not taxable to the recipient. It does so by […]